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ENGAGE your church, your community in “the work of Christ.” Bishop Mike Lowry and Rev. Dawne Phillips, director of missions for the Central Texas Conference, sat down recently to discuss the upcoming ENGAGE Conference and all it will do to support the WIG’s goal of disciple-making missions. Lucky for us, they just happened to sit down in front of a camera and put on mics for this discussion. Visit ctcumc.org/engage or click here to view this brief conversation on the importance of local churches moving toward becoming engaged in transformational missions, how the upcoming ENGAGE Conference will support these efforts and the WIG, and how transformational missions are the work of Jesus Christ.   


Join us on October 28, 2017 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, at Burleson UMC, 590 NE McAlister Rd., Burleson, TX. 

The Center for Evangelism and Church Growth is partnering with Bishop Mike Lowry, Mike Ramsdell - Executive Director for Evangelism and Church Growth, CTC District Superintendents, and session leaders from churches that have created successful faith communities.

  • How to envision a new faith community
  • Ways to kick off a new faith community
  • Models of new faith communities
  • Elements of a new faith community
  • Growing and transforming your church through new faith communities
  • Developing long term success in a new faith community
  • Applying for the new faith community grant



Mark your calendar for November 4th 9:30-12:00 at Central United Methodist Church.   This fall, each district will host an opportunity for laity and clergy in the Central Texas Conference to consider the critical conversations our denomination is having regarding church unity and human sexuality.  In the midst of our Church’s impasse over the inclusion of LGBTQ Christians, (as well as the tension created by cultural divisions), we want to take time to engage in practices that build peace and trust among neighbors. This will not be an opportunity to debate or persuade or win. Rather, it is a chance to learn from brief talks by speakers, listen to others in dialogue around the table and imagine how people of differing opinions might powerfully share in the mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  You are interested in attending, please register  https://ctc-reg.brtapp.com/TowardPeaceTrust




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